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Published:June 20th, 2013 08:14 EST
FBI Still Finding Bodies from Jimmy The Gent Burke`s Notorious Crime Sprees!

FBI Still Finding Bodies from Jimmy The Gent Burke`s Notorious Crime Sprees!

By John G. Kays

"What will you do when you get lonely, No one is waiting by your side? You`ve been running and hiding much too long, You know it`s just your foolish pride. Layla, you got me on my knees, Layla, I`m begging darlin` please, Layla, darling won`t you ease my worried mind? Tried to give you consolation, Your old man let you down, Like a fool, I fell in love with you, You turned my whole world upside down."  Layla - Eric Clapton

Another Fed dig pops up, coincidentally (arbitrarily) synchronized with the stalemated Detroit dig of Jimmy Hoffa, the sensational trial of Whitey Bulger, the sudden death of James Gandolfino, and, to top it off, an upcoming release of a new Scorsese Mob flick (The Family, starring Robert De Niro), that is, the FBI is digging up dirt at the Queens home of Jimmy Burke (I`ll let you you review his bumpy biography on your own time).

A confluence of Mobster News, both from entertainment and from reality (you might say)!

The concluding piano coda of Layla (my all time favorite classic rock song) courses through the soundtrack of Goodfellas when bodies of Jimmy`s crew, involved in the Lufhansa Heist, start popping up left and right on the streets of New York. The boys were stupidly spending dough like crazy, while under scrupulous surveillance by the Feds. 

They could spill the beans and get Jimmy arrested, so they had to go! Besides, then, Jimmy and Pauly could take their cut. Lufhansa at JFK Airport yielded over 6 million in untraceable cash and jewelry!

The real story, told well on a History Channel program (which is readily accessed on YouTube), tells us Jimmy Burke and probably his sidekick, psychopath Tommy DeSimone (whose body has never been found) killed 8 different crew members, before Henry Hill started putting two and two together and went Rat/Turncoat on his good buddies Jimmy and Pauly.

Henry Hill too just passed recently, and a sidebar, just in case you`re curious, Jimmy didn`t whack Tommy (according to Scorsese), it was the Lucchese Family who had to take Tommy down, shortly after he became a made man, for the unauthorized hit of Billy Batts. Moreover, it`s not DeSimone they`re looking for in Queens (81-48 102 Rd. in South Ozone Park), it`s some small-timer from Burke`s checkered past!

Well, who knows? Yet another informant is spilling the beans on Jimmy; Burke died in prison in 1996, secrets still in tact. Jimmy Burke is the scariest gangster I`ve ever come across; I may think this is solely because of the excellent way Robert DeNiro portrayed him in Goodfellas.

I suspect, however, DeNiro studied carefully the real Burke to get his acting job down. And to think the real Burke was still alive when this movie came out; I assume Jimmy saw it, but I wonder what his impression was of it?

Okay, so these remains found in Queens are not suppose to be Lufhansa related. We hear that Jimmy often conducted business at home, so we know an awful lot of this dirty business went down here, which makes it fertile ground for sightseers of underground marvels.

A little creepy, but it does provoke a sick sense of curiosity, which you wish wasn`t there, but is an irritating itch in the butt nonetheless. Robert`s Lounge has to be the main catch, however! Henry Hill claimed it was Jimmy`s own personal cemetery; Burke was toasting so many, too much trouble to get rid of the bodies in a legitimate fashion. 

Just leaves em at home. And now, 35 years after Lufhansa, and 17 years after Jimmy Burke, the FBI is still finding remnants of Jimmy The Gent`s work! Not that I find that funny or even surprising, but it just reinforces the tremendous wave of mob related violence, that peaks out (you might say) in the late 1970s.

This era is over with, done, kaput, but we can look back on it now, almost with appreciation or nostalgia. It`s certainly not as bad as some of the waves of gun violence we`ve experienced recently, or the Mexican drug cartel sprees. Well, that doesn`t justify it; senseless violence is always bad, even if the packaging is a trifle more Arty!