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Published:June 27th, 2013 12:35 EST
The Camera Doesn't Lie: Ex-Patriots` Superstar, Aaron Hernandez`s Murder Plot Against Odin lloyd

The Camera Doesn't Lie: Ex-Patriots` Superstar, Aaron Hernandez`s Murder Plot Against Odin lloyd

By John G. Kays

A mountain of compelling evidence against Ex-New England Patriots Superstar, Aaron Hernandez, enabled prosecutor William McCauley to paint a clear picture of how a supposed friend of Hernandez`s, Odin Lloyd, was taken to a scary industrial park (near a contrasting sprawling mansion, owned by the done for tight-end), and shot five times execution style. I sifted through what they had, but still walked away with a few pertinent loose-ends itching me on the back of my scalp.

First off, the surveillance evidence gives us a precise timeline framing the chilly crime, almost as if the mastermind was making a documentary chronicling what he`d do to poor Odin Lloyd; well maybe I`m giving this Aaron man more credit than I ought to be giving him. He didn`t know cameras were taping him bandying about his shack with various firearms? And the craziest or better, stupidest blunder he made, was to return the rented silver Nissan Altima with 45-caliber shell casings lying about the floorboard.

Okay, so I forgot to mention a piece of used blue chewing gum abandoned in the Altima; in sharp contrast, Aaron has a cleaning crew sprucing up his bungalow the day after the killing. Why didn`t he tidy-up the rental car (a little better) before returning it? There`s even remnants left of the purchase of the blue gum, which he bought at a gas station. Did he offer poor Odin a stick of blue gum before he shot him to death?

Well, more important to me, when simulating this unbelievably cold, premeditated murder in my head, is the notion that Aaron had snatched up two as of yet unidentified accomplices to take a ride with him, then to pick up a friend for a little ride to a friendly neighborhood amusement park, which was just around the corner from his quaint little domicile. I wonder why he decided to get some accomplices; they could finger him later, you think he`d realize, when seeking a plea bargain in exchange for what they know.

I don`t know that Aaron`s all that smart? What`s with the burr haircut? Why such a stupid smirk on his face, when facing murder charges in front of a judge? This man is very messed up; but why didn`t the Patriots` management and coaches see it before it unfolds to inevitable tragedy and disaster? And how did Aaron get all these illegal firearms so easily? Who sold him these unregistered automatic guns? 

He`s a very public person; this leads me to believe that stupid people who sold him the guns would suspect somebody would find out about the illegal sales, I soundly reason. Yet, the greatest scratch (to my puzzled skull) comes from wondering about the true motive. Who were these people Lloyd was buddying up to at this club he and Hernandez were at on June 14th? Of course, we want to know more about this club (like it`s name, for example), and we want to know what kind of people patronized it.

Why did Aaron like to go there, if he was on such bad terms with some of it`s patrons? What kind of communications was Odin engaged in, that so put off Mr. Hernandez, that he put together a plan to eliminate this man? Is there more to this than meets the eye? Do they have some kind of organized crime scheme going on here? I`m suspicious; you don`t go ahead with a murder, unless you think someone may need to be shut up. Maybe I watch too much TV, I don`t know?

Yet this whole scene this past week, with boat loads of media, quasi-fans, neighbors, or just sick curiosity seekers, hovering like bumble bees about the majestic mansion, is absolutely surreal. Neighbors and park workers heard the gunshots clear as a bell, early in the morning of the 17th. I`d say, the circus set up tent right around that time and has been going full-throttle ever since then. This arrogant, stupid, young football stud won`t get to purchase a stick of blue chewing gum any longer.

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