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Published:June 28th, 2013 12:23 EST

Rachel Jeantel: The Most Fascinating Woman In America: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

America has been captivated, indeed mesmerized, by Trayvon Martin`s friend, Rachel Jeantel, in the last couple of days.


Fate and circumstance has selected Jeantel as the prosecution`s star witness in the trial of George Zimmerman.

These are the adjectives I would use to describe Jeantel: Obese, illiterate, disingenuous, plain-looking, coarse, racist, rude, frumpy and obtuse.

It`s easier for a dentist to extract a tooth from a patient than it is for the defense lawyers to coax a coherent answer from Jeantel.

According to Jeantel`s testimony Trayvon Martin called George Zimmerman a "creepy ass cracker", and she insisted that the patently offensive racist remark has no racist connotation.

This young woman`s defenders claim that she shouldn`t be condemned for using a phrase that`s part of the accepted lexicon in the hood.  Using this same logic shouldn`t these enablers also give Paula Deen, a 66-year-old Southern lady, a pass for using the N-Word?

You don`t have to be a legal expert to know that if a witness is caught in a lie a juror can disregard all of her testimony. Jeantel has admitted under oath to several crucial lies, including lying about the reason why she didn`t attend Martin`s wake.

Forget about Jeantel`s rude demeanor and her confusing syntax, the jury should dismiss her testimony because she`s a bald-faced liar.

Jeantel is the quintessential fish out of water, and watching her flounder makes for compelling entertainment. In a courtroom setting where each word that a witness utters is painfully parsed, the defense lawyers are feasting on Jeantel`s broken English.

English isn`t her first language, her defenders protest, she learned how to speak first in Creole and Spanish. My guess is that she mangles Creole and Spanish with as much proficiency as she does English.

I didn`t start speaking English until kindergarten, but I paid enough attention in school to learn how to speak English without sounding like a moron.

Jeantel has only herself to blame for being a 19-year-old woman who can`t read cursive, and who can`t speak intelligently.

I hate to use myself as an example again, but I was also born in the hood and attended 2nd-class public schools. I had too much ambition and pride in myself to use my environment as an excuse for failing to make something of myself.

Rachel Jeantel is an indictment of the laissez faire attitude towards education prevalent in the inner city, and she`s a symbol of the state of Florida`s weak case against George Zimmerman.

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