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Published:July 5th, 2013 11:54 EST

Customers Return $3,600 Taco Bell Clerk Gave To Them By Mistake: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Three Taco Bell customers said they were handed a takeout bag filled with $3,600 in cash instead of the food they ordered from a Kentwood, Mich., restaurant.


The customers discovered the mistake Tuesday when 18-year-old Kennidi Rue opened the bag a few miles down the road to hand out tacos to her friends, reported Wednesday."


The bank deposits are placed in a Taco Bell Bag so that employees aren`t robbed when they take the deposits to the bank. After this incident the Taco Bell manager may rethink his policy of using Taco Bell bags to store the cash.

If a Taco Bell employee handed me a bag full of cold hard cash, I would run for the border. I would take it as a divine sign that I deserved more than just a greasy Chalupa.

Kennnidi returned the cash in large part because she didn`t want the Taco Bell clerk who made the mistake to get fired. Hello! How difficult can it be to find another job working at McDonald`s or Burger King?

But seriously I commend Kennidi and her friends for their honesty, I hope that Taco Bell gave them more than just a couple of tacos as a reward.

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