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Published:July 6th, 2013 10:49 EST

French Company Selling Men's Briefs Designed To Release Sweet Scent

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A French company is selling men`s underpants designed to release a sweet scent as the wearer begins to sweat.


Le Slip Francais, which created the $45 briefs and $51 boxer shorts using funding from crowd-funding website My Major Company, announced the products officially went on sale this week."


We have sent a man to the moon, and one day we may even discover a cure for cancer, but there will never come a day when a scientist invents a pair of men`s briefs that don`t stink to high heaven after a dude has worn them for a couple of hours.

You can`t stop a vicious dog from biting, a bee from stinging, or a man`s dirty drawers from reeking.  However a French company is selling men`s underpants that they claim releases a sweet scent as the wearer begins to sweat. The pertinent question is will that "sweet scent" endure when the wearer begins to fart?

These sweet-smelling drawers go for $45 a pop; I don`t they I will be ordering a pair online. The French bathe only about once a week, what the hell do they know about hygiene?

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