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Published:July 7th, 2013 11:45 EST

Beautiful Amputee Builds Lego Prosthetic Leg: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Christina Stephens lost her left leg last year after it was crushed under a car she was rebuilding.


Now, she`s turned her disability into a strength claiming the ability to explore the extra space below her stump makes her feel superhuman.

Stephens, who became famous after a video of her creating a prosthetic leg out of Legos went viral, said she decided to create the Lego leg after a co-worker dared her to do it."


I admire Stephens` ingenuity and determination; she`s a lot more capable than many able-bodied people, including myself.

I can`t change the oil in my car, let alone rebuild it; in fact I would have trouble building a Lego car. I need a woman like Stephens to help me navigate the many pitfalls in life.

It took this beautiful woman only two days to create the prosthetic leg out of Legos, and it`s actually functional. She can walk short distances with it, but she`s planning on building a Lego leg that will include a functional ankle and foot.

I have only one question for Christina:

Can you make us some wedding bands made of Legos so we can get married?

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