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Published:July 11th, 2013 08:21 EST

Did Terry Smith`s (Juju) Angry Stepbrother Murder him Last Saturday Night?

By John G. Kays

The missing person`s story of an autistic 11-year-old boy, Terry Smith (Juju), took a dramatic twist on Wednesday, when the real circumstances of what happened to the boy suddenly surfaced. It appears as if Terry Smith never even left the premises of his own home in Menifee, California (80 miles east of Los Angeles). The fresh news (ABCLOCAL and NBCLA) also suggests the boy may have been murdered by his16-year-old half brother, who may have a history of cruelty towards Terry. The community is in shock and disbelief!

I`m a little shaken myself, as I embraced this story before it hit a fickle fork in the road; that is, the Menifee community had come together nicely, searching every nick and cranny of that territory in Riverside County, Ca., which (from news footage) looks rather isolated and desolate. Okay, so initial reports had the boy vanishing Saturday night sometime; well, the mother, Shawna Smith, didn`t actually notice he was missing until Sunday morning, when she brought Terry his medication.

Alright, so I guess I`ll interject (at this juncture) another portion of this saga that has me scratching my head in complete disbelief; Terry Smith isn`t autistic! The father, Terry Smith, Sr., who lives in West Virginia, was shocked to learn that the news reported his son was autistic; that`s wrong! The boy`s school district and a teacher have discounted claims of this disability, which were apparently given by the mother, Shawna.

But what really happened to Terry last Saturday night? Who is this stepbrother? I mean, what`s his name? Terry`s father told NBCLA this boy has anger issues and that Terry had told him he was scared of him. Search party volunteers even told reporters this yet unidentified stepbrother showed up at the rescue kiosk and was going to help in the search. This is most bizarre, even a bit evil.

From news footage, an aerial view of the Smith home pinpoints where law enforcement, coming from a tip provided Wednesday morning, were digging for the remains. Seemingly, they were found along a fenceline near a large pepper tree. While the body hasn`t yet been positively identified, it`s said they are those of a young boy fitting Terry Smith`s description. Ergo, they must be those of the boy. Too, the half brother has been arrested on murder charges.

My first instinct, upon considering this surprising ending, that wasn`t internalized until around 2:30 AM, is to return to the way Terry`s disappearance was originally reported, where one volunteer searcher had termed it a `Huckleberry Finn moment,` or something to that effect. Okay, the boy was gripped with wonderlust, and just frolicked off in the desert someplace, which seemed logical enough to me. 

Moreover, since we thought he was autistic, others speculated he could be hiding under a rock somewhere, since we know autistic children are anti-social. We`re still in the confines of logic, as Spock use to say! I feel a trifle guilty, I`m being mischievous, but just suggesting to you the strange twists and turns of this story, really a roller coaster ride into unknown territory (you may be thinking the Twilight Zone, and you have my permission to go there, if you so choose)!

"He`s alive. I know he is. Mommys` hearts don`t lie. He`s still here - he`s somewhere; we just need to find him," the mother Shawna Smith is quoted as saying on Tuesday. Well, now we know this is wrong; her son probably was killed Saturday night sometime by this stepbrother, who we don`t know much about, so far. 

Did he confess to Shawna Wednesday morning, before going to the police station? Did Shawna suspect beforehand, any tension between the two boys? *(Note: only 3 or 4 news stories posted last night. Now over 200!),0,6095906.story