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Published:July 14th, 2013 12:40 EST

Dude Killed When Cow Falls Through His Roof! Video!

By Robert Paul Reyes


"A cow fell through the roof of a house in Brazil, killing a sleeping man and narrowly missing his wife, authorities said.


The 1 1/2-ton cow had gotten out of a hillside pasture in Caratinga and wandered down the slope and on to the roof of Joao and Lena Maria de Souza, which quickly gave way."


Dying in bed sleeping next to your wife is not a bad way to go, if you die of a stroke or heart attack.

But I don`t think there`s a man alive who wants to be killed by a cow falling through the roof of his house.

To be killed in this absurd way by the silliest-looking animal in the world just boggles the mind. One can only conclude that this hapless fellow was born under a bad sign or that God hates him.

How can anybody possibly comfort the grieving widow? Telling her crap happens " or Holy Cow, things will get better " just ain`t going to cut it.

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