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Published:July 16th, 2013 15:22 EST

Gentleman, 99, is Nordstrom's Only Greeter: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The manager of a California Nordstrom department store that employs the chain`s only greeter said the 99-year-old man makes the store a fun place to be."


Ted DiNunzio, who will celebrate his 100th birthday in December, has worked as a greeter at the Arcadia Nordstrom for 14 years and a corporate spokesman said DiNunzio is the only greeter at any of Nordstrom`s 248 locations."


I thought the only places where you would find greeters were at Walmart stores, strip clubs, and I imagine hell has one as well.

But there`s a greeter at the trendy and upscale Arcadia Nordstrom, and the staff and customers love him to death.

Whenever customers don`t see Ted at his usual spot by the entrance, they panic and ask the store manager if he`s OK. Ted is 99-year`s old and the customers don`t know if he`s on a restroom break or if the Grim Reaper has finally caught up with him.

Nordstrom store manager Marcille Hughes hired Ted when she noticed that he hung around the store all day. Kudos to Hughes for offering the elderly gentleman a job as a greeter instead of shooing him away.

Dude rocks:

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