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Published:July 19th, 2013 09:46 EST

MSNBC Host Chris Matthews Apologizes To Black Guest On Behalf Of All White People: Damn Idiot! Video!

By Robert Paul Reyes

Matthews To Black Guest On Race: I`m Speaking Now For All White People... I`m Sorry

MSNBC host Chris Matthews usually manages to infuriate conservatives, and at the same embarrass liberals.


Matthews attempts to demonstrate that he isn`t a racist by treating blacks in a condescending and patronizing manner.

This is the same buffoon who in 2008 felt a thrill going up his leg after hearing Obama speak. Matthews is either a latent homosexual (not that there`s anything wrong with being gay) or he is the biggest tool in the broadcasting industry.

Matthews cowers and apologizes to a black guest, on the behalf of all the White people in the world, for the George Zimmerman verdict.

People are evenly divided on the George Zimmerman verdict; there are millions of white, black, brown and yellow folks who think the jury made the right decision.

Matthews needs to consult a psychiatrist about his "white guilt" problem, he is an embarrassment to himself and to MSNBC.

Speak for yourself, you damn idiot!

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