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Published:July 21st, 2013 10:47 EST

Schoep, Famous Internet Dog, Dies At 20: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Schoep, an aging mutt who became a star on the Internet when he was photographed floating in Lake Superior, has died at his home in Minnesota, his owner said.


Schoep, a shepherd mix, became famous largely because of Unger`s efforts to ease the problems of old age in his pet. The photo that went viral showed Unger holding the dog in his arms as he floated in the lake, therapy for joint pain and arthritis."


Cats are the undisputed kings of the Internet, they rule cyberspace with little competition from dogs or any other animals.

A dog has to be extra special to gain any kind of notoriety online, and Schoep had an innate dignity that won him millions of Internet fans.

John Unger loved his aging pooch, and he went to extraordinary lengths to ease the problems of old age in his pet.

Schoep was an old blind mutt, and the most special thing about him was the loving bond between him and his owner.

We live in a society where the elderly, human or canine, are considered useless and expendable. Unger spend a lot of time and money to ease his pooch`s pain, and whether we have aging grandparents or an old dog or cat we can learn from his compassionate example.

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