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Published:July 23rd, 2013 08:10 EST
Does Rosy Esparza`s Fall from the Texas Giant Roller Coaster Ride Have a Rational Explanation?

Does Rosy Esparza`s Fall from the Texas Giant Roller Coaster Ride Have a Rational Explanation?

By John G. Kays

Somehow, someway, Rosy Esparza, whose real name is Rosa Ayala-Goana, fell to her death from her Texas Giant roller coaster car at around 6:30 PM Friday evening (July 19, 2013), at Six Flags Over Texas amusement park, in Arlington, Tx (the original location). 

One line from a Fort Worth Star Telegram article captured the perplexing phenomenon of fall, deemed an accident thus far, fairly vividly for me. "Witnesses said Esperza `basically tumbled over,` perhaps when the ride made a sudden turn, and disappeared into the evening."

So, basically, Rosy`s fall from the coaster car is unexplained and irrational, a paranormal experience, if you`d care to look it in that fashion. Well, naturally, we prefer to pursue some type of cause and effect scenario, as to a somewhat scientific explanation for Rosy`s horrifying demise on the Texas Giant, but can we come up with the goods? 

Experts or authorities (whoever that may be?) are not pointing an accusing finger at a broken or faulty lap bar in Rosy`s car. Yet what else could it be?

Here`s where I`m getting into trouble; if the lap bar didn`t slacken when the Giant was tumbling (at 65 miles per hour) down 14 story precipice (153 feet), then how could she have fallen out? 

Is it possible that her stomach was already over the safety bar, tightened only under her abdomen, and therefore, when she gets positioned at a 79-degree angle (at the peak of the drop), she loosens from the car from a tremendous surge of centrifugal force (the tumbling effect that witnesses saw)?

If the safety bar never slackened, then it must`ve happened this way. Apparently, the Giant had been shut down a few hours before it reopened for business there in the early evening (6:30 PM). Was Six Flags testing the ride then? The manufacturer, Gerstlauer Amusement Rides, is taking heat, but claims it`s workmanship is impeccable. 

We must point out, however, it was Rocky Mountain Construction who did the renovations about two years ago. Daily logs of safety spot checks are supposedly kept; yet Rosy had a premonition of her impending fate right before the go lever was turned on. Why did her lap bar only click once, when other riders` bars clicked several times?

Well, was she securely fastened into her seat? Obviously, she wasn`t! Many are applauding the fact that the federal government is not allowed to investigate, or in any way, regulate this amusement park tragedy, and even the local police have washed their hands of it, but now we have the irony and absurdity of seeing it`s only Six Flags that`s going to investigate itself. 

Why would they condemn themselves? They`ll go out of business entirely if they do that; say they were negligent? It has to be though; TDI says there needs to be an outsider doing the investigation! But hasn`t the accident scene already been altered?

Yet this case has a random quality to it; I don`t believe its exact circumstances can be simulated! At one point in time, a number of factors came into effect; one witness postulated Rosy may have had a seizure. As such, she wouldn`t be able to grip the safety bar and hold on as the Giant riveted down the steepest twists and turns of track. 

Simulations are a waste of time, when you`re dealt a hand of cards with such a configuration, I have to say. We`ll probably never know the reason, and this explains why Six Flags sales will increase in the face of all this brouhaha. Many people are basically thrill-seekers, embrace danger whole-heartedly, even a bit suicidal, I`m sorry to say!