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Published:July 27th, 2013 11:16 EST

Lady In Hoveround Told Not To Use Drive-Through At McDonald's In England: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A British McDonald`s has apologized to a woman who was told not to use the drive-through window while riding on her mobility scooter.


The McDonald`s restaurant at the Asda store in Bedhampton, England, apologized after Kate Legg, 76, was told not to use the drive-through again while she was riding her mobility scooter, which is registered to travel on roads.

Legg said she was given her shake at the drive-through, but was told she would not be allowed to use the lane again due to `health and safety` concerns."


Blokes may not have a problem with a senior citizen or a disabled person riding a mobility scooter at a McDonald`s drive-through in a bloody quaint village in England.

But if some joker goes through a McDonald`s drive-through on a freakin` mobility scooter in New York City or San Francisco, he is going to get a healthy dose of road rage. We don`t play that in the big city, we want our fast food fast, and we aren`t going to put up with any slowpokes.

A person on a Hoveround who cares about his "health and safety" would be well-advised not to use the McDonald`s drive through window.

McDonald`s apologized to the elderly lady, and a spokesperson for the fast food giant said that only smaller scooters are banned from using the drive-through.

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