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Published:July 30th, 2013 08:34 EST
Is the Bearded Devil Josh Gouker`s Story of How He Killed Trey Zwicker with a Lead Pipe Entirely True?

Is the Bearded Devil Josh Gouker`s Story of How He Killed Trey Zwicker with a Lead Pipe Entirely True?

By John G. Kays

Joshua Young`s father, Josh Gouker, is a scary character to behold, seen (by myself) from news footage on HLN; 17-year-old Joshua Young`s murder trial (for the killing of his step-brother, Trey Zwicker) is just beginning in Louisville, Kentucky, and HLN is right on top of it! Yea, earlier footage of Josh Gouker projects an image of a bearded-devil-monster without conscience or or even one ounce of remorse in his mortal bones. Initially, Joshua Young was charged with Trey Zwicker`s death, but was he actually cleverly framed by his father?

I haven`t gathered enough information thus far to shed any light on Young`s complicity, but boy am I floored by what I`ve learned up to this point. The scum-faced Gouker has already been convicted just a few days ago and will rot behind bars for his remaining days! Trey Zwicker, when smoking a joint with his step-daddy down by a creek, behind Liberty High School, was beaten to death with a lead pipe on May 10, 2011. Gouker`s version of sickening events is the only one we have and the murder weapon (a lead pipe) was never retrieved by detectives.

As Gouker fleshes out the disturbing crime to the cameras, he nonchalantly reminisces how he took the pipe away from Trey, when angered about a lighter of his he saw Trey with (thinking he had stolen it), then quickly bludgeoned the boy to death (with what looks like) just a couple of blows. My question is, and I`m having trouble envisioning the ghastly scene, why did Trey Zwicker have a grip on this pipe? Did he pick it up by the creek just a few moments before the monster Josh took it away from him?

My mind flashes to the horrific scene of denouement in Mystic River, (and I don`t know just why), when Jimmy Markum (Sean Penn) and his gang of thugs do in poor Dave Boyle (Tim Robbins) down by the river, as they misperceive him as the murderer of Jimmy`s daughter Katie. There is no real analogy here to speak of, but that`s just the way my mind works sometimes; yet I wonder why Josh Sr.`s bloody clothes and this common lead pipe were never found? 

Gouker claims he discarded them behind a local Mexican restaurant that day (May 10th, 2011); but is that the real way it went down? Claims he put the bloody clothes in Kroger bags, which he had millions of lying around the house. One would think he`d put the incriminating evidence in a dumpster, which would then explain why it was taken away and never found. I`m splitting hairs, yet I wonder when and how Joshua Young comes into the picture, if at all?

I need to rewind the tape back to the beginning; my objectivity has been tossed out the window! I`m (unwisely) fixated on the histrionics of this case and a sleazy character who`s the spitting image of Beelzebub himself, with that carefully styled and cut, edgy lookin` goatee! A really major problem I`m having, is trying to understand the family as a whole, with the ever shifting positions of mother, father, and son, who was married to whom, and who is the blood father and mother to either Joshua Young or to Trey Zwicker.

Well, the fog is lifting a bit, since HLN provided us with a familial flowchart, as well as a timeline of important events, starting with the June 2010 death of Angelina Young, Joshua`s real mother, who apparently died of a drug overdose. Stop right there! That fact alone is significant enough for a full news article. 

One suspects Angelina`s life and death story will be detailed in the impending trial. We`ll especially want to know why or how she was so unfortunate in meeting up with a ghastly ghoul such as Gouker. Hum, another interesting entry on the timeline is: Gouker is released from prison on September 29, 2010. Is this where our rancorous story of a dysfunctional family truly begins?