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Published:July 30th, 2013 11:13 EST

Thieves Steal Woman's Lion Statues And Replace Them With Garden Gnome

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Wisconsin woman targeted by pranksters said she does not consider the gnome left by her door to be a fair trade for her missing lion statues.


Liza Michna, 37, of Racine said she was at the hospital with her daughter, who was in a diabetic coma, about two weeks ago and returned home to find one of the lion statues that used to guard her front door was missing."


This poor woman returns home after visiting her daughter in the hospital and discovers that one of the lion statues guarding her front door is missing. To add insult to injury two days later the second lion was stolen and replaced with a lawn gnome.

That`s like discovering that a burglar has stolen my jazz and Motown CD collection, and replaced them with Justin Bieber and One Direction albums.

A lion is king of the jungle and a garden gnome is universally recognized as a symbol of pure and unadulterated evil.

Michna has had more than her share of heartache recently, and I pray that the pranksters will return her lion statues, and destroy the garden gnome.

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