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Published:July 30th, 2013 20:28 EST

What's Anthony Weiner Up To? Creep Is Probably Sexting Right Now! Video!

By Robert Paul Reyes

Q. There is no one you are sexting now?

A. You can quibble about beginnings, middles and ends but what we`re talking about is over a year ago.


Anthony Weiner is an interview with Denis Hamill of the New York Daily News

It`s easier to get an honest assessment about your sexual prowess from a prostitute, than it is to get a straight answer from a politician.

The Anthony Weiner sexting scandals have exposed Weiner as a narcissist, sexual deviant, and a consummate liar.

When Weiner`s sexting scandal part 1 erupted in May 2011, he gave a series of interviews in which he vehemently denied sending photos of his private parts to strange women on the Internet. Weiner didn`t come clean until  weeks later when the late Andrew Breitbart published a shirtless photo of Weiner and basically forced him to tell the truth.

Weiner`s second go round with scandal has demonstrated that his credibility and trustworthiness still leaves a lot to be desired. I wouldn`t be surprised if Weiner divides his free time between reading the press coverage of his scandal, and sexting strange women.

There was only one acceptable answer to the question "there is no one you are sexting now? " If Weiner wasn`t still sexting he would have answered unequivocally and emphatically: Hell No!

Weiner is still a rotten liar, a serial sexter, and totally unqualified to be the next mayor of New York City.

Congratulations Weiner: You have made Middle America familiar with the following words: dic pics and sexting. This is your less than honorable legacy, just go away creep!


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