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Published:August 8th, 2013 08:27 EST
Did James Lee DiMaggio Cook Up His Crazy Scheme After His Troubled Trip To Hollywood With Hannah Anderson?

Did James Lee DiMaggio Cook Up His Crazy Scheme After His Troubled Trip To Hollywood With Hannah Anderson?

By John G. Kays

James Lee DiMaggio, 40, is on the lam, God knows where, having kidnapped 16-year-old Hannah Anderson after murdering her mother, Christina Anderson, 44, and probably her 8-year-old brother, Ethan, then torching his log-cabin style house in Boulevard, California (a small rural town 65 miles east of San Diego). The unfortunate incident happened over the weekend, when apparently, DiMaggio snapped, at a time when the Anderson family stopped by to bid James a farewell, since he was moving back to Texas.

Well, I suggest he cracked, yet authorities suspect he had this dramatic finale to his lengthy, friendly relationship with the Andersons carefully planned out. As the police and virtually every American frantically search every nick and cranny of the United States, Mexico, and even Canada, what we have left behind, is a very strange story about a man who appeared to be intelligent and well mannered, perhaps a loner, who for some reason became obsessed with a teenage girl, Hannah Anderson. A few of the details of this not so natural obsession are showing up in the news.

Alan MacNabb, a friend of Hannah`s who appeared on Nancy Grace last night, was aware of the problem Hannah was having with DiMaggio, who for some odd reason, took her on a visit up to Hollywood for her birthday in late June, I believe. The two didn`t get along so good on this Hollywood trip, since Hannah was more interested in taking pics on her cell phone and posting them to Facebook. NG made many of these photos available on HLN last night, such as Hannah standing in front of Hollywood Souvenirs, or her next to an effigy of Marilyn Monroe.

These images tell us a great deal about what may have happened (not all, however); Hannah is highly photogenic, a very gifted gymnast, just an over-all attractive teenage girl who was developing nicely, while James DiMaggio appears to have been drifting in a who knows what direction. We hear (from his ex), he liked to play fantasy video games and the look of some of these photos (projected by popular talk shows) give us more of an oddball, who preferred posing at sideshow exhibits. 

And yet I`m confounded by what I`m observing, in terms of most of the people who know DiMaggio have basically good things to say about this man, who didn`t really cause much of a ripple (at least) until last weekend, anyway. Well, I have to qualify that a bit; Marissa Chavez, a friend of Hannah`s, heard about the troubled trip to Hollywood, where James had to cut it short, since Hannah`s attention was given to her cell phone, not to him. I suspect the seed of his crazy plot was sown on this Hollywood trip.

The biggest problem (I sense, that many of us are having), is in wondering how the mother, Christina Anderson, was so trusting of James with her daughter, who she allowed to be alone with (called an uncle character). I can`t quite understand it, yet after the trip (that went south), Christina may have been getting the picture with a clearer focus. The tragic thing, is that perhaps she felt relief once she realized that James was finally getting out of Dodge, and would bid him adieu one last time.

I`m thinking, DiMaggio had weaved this moving back to Texas in his scheme; he had no intention of moving back to the Lone Star State, he already knew what he was going to do. But why didn`t the Anderson`s have any sense of apprehension when they went to visit him in Boulevard? Well, perhaps they were a trifle shaken, but figured they`d get in and out in a jiffy; this is the hardest part of this story for me to comprehend. Virtual Trust could have existed at one time, I`ll hypothesize; James DiMaggio surely must have gone stark-raving-mad!,0,3150187.story