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Published:August 9th, 2013 11:23 EST

Anthony Weiner, Robin Thicke & The Debasement Of Our Culture: Videos

By Robert Paul Reyes

Anthony Weiner, former congressman from New York City, and current candidate for mayor of New York City has been involved in two sexting scandals.


There is no need for me to go into the details of Weiner`s perversion; his sexual hijinks have made him the top dog in the tabloids and cable TV news outlets.

Weiner`s behavior isn`t an outlier or a warning of where our society is heading, the phallic-centric mayor of New York City wannabe is a symbol of who we are.

Robin Thicke, the blue-eyed soul singer, has been in the music business for over a decade achieving modest success, but all of a sudden he has a #1 album and is the hottest singer in the planet.

What made Thicke`s career take off like a rocket? The pedestrian artist toned down his soul sensibilities and gave his current hit album a more pop-oriented vibe, and he released the most pathetic, misogynistic and vainglorious video in the history of pop music.

In the unrated version of the video for "Blurred Lines", a sunglasses-wearing Thicke mugs for the camera, with three topless models by his side, while he sings lyrics demeaning to women. At one point in the video, a huge sign proclaims: Robin Thicke has a big dick.

The latest polls show Weiner sinking in the polls; it`s not too late for a career change. Imagine Weiner as a pop singer, with a little bit of auto-tune magic and a hip-hop producer he could hit the top of the charts.

If Carlos Danger released a music video featuring a topless Sydney Leathers, it would quickly garner millions of views.

Carlos Danger wearing shades, mugging for the camera, grabbing his crotch and rapping about the size of his manhood: That`s music, that`s America, that`s a #1 hit.


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