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Published:August 9th, 2013 21:50 EST
Book Reviews: A Layman's Guide to Managing Fear

Book Reviews: A Layman's Guide to Managing Fear

By Stan Popovich


Here are just a small sample of  book reviews of Stan Popovich`s popular book A Layman`s Guide to Managing Fear Using Psychology, Christianity and Non Resistant Methods. For more information about Stan`s helpful  book and to read Stan`s free mental health articles please go to  If you know of anyone who could Stan`s valuable information on fear, anxiety, stress, depression, and addiction please send them to his website. Thank you. 


An Informative tool to help those who suffer and manage depression and bipolar

I`m always in search for resources such as A Layman`s Guide to Managing Fear to provide, members of a local depression and bipolar support group, tools to help them manage their symptoms. Fear is one of the main issues that effect members either through uncertainties with stigma, medications, and life and death just to name a few. The author combined helpful tools such as building up to the fear in small steps, positive self-talk, self imagery, and exercise that add to what is already available. Since all these tools are in one place and examples are provided this could greatly increase the likelihood that these would be used by those who suffer, and manage a diagnosis of depression and bipolar. When dealing with symptoms often the idea of spirituality is diminished because of the hopelessness that exists. This book wraps everything up into a complete package and is very informative. Spiritlink- Posted On Amazon  


A Quick Read with Some Practical Advice

The author has assembled some good practical advice for the reader who is wants to learn some simple and practical approaches to addressing issues of fear in his or her life. The book includes suggestions from a Christian perspective, from a psychiatric/clinical approach and describes other ideas for resolving issues of fear in one`s life. The book is simple to understand and is an enjoyable to read. It`s a ready to use guidebook for those who want to make a make a change in their life.Michael W. Bennett - Posted On Amazon 


A Refreshing Perspective

Kudos! A refreshing perspective that combines christian beliefs and the structure of cognitive behavior therapy that are integrated to create a method to effectively manage fears. Well thought out and written.

"W.R. Drinkwater, M.Ed, CADC-II --Posted On Amazon 


Reading this guide is a first step into the rest of your life.

Fear is a state of mind or emotion when we sense personal danger. Some people are more prepared than others to rationalize their fears. It can prevent us from harm by removing us from the situation, but can also cause unbearable, immobilizing anxiety.The author, Stanley Popovich presents three main principles in this layman`s guide to managing fear:

General Counseling Techniques encourages critical thinking and deductive reasoning. In order to make an informed confident choice, facts must be gathered first, and well researched. One must also factor in the "what if` scenarios. Then with common sense reasoning determine what is most important. The reader is enlightened by the examples used of "John and Mary`s` unpredictable situations.

Non-Resistant Methods of dealing with fear is more of a defensive approach. We all have "triggers` that bring on anxiety and it is important to recognize them, not allowing ourselves to be ruled by them.

Christianity is a religion based on the teachings of Jesus Christ. Belief in faith can provide a powerful foundation for problem solving.

Stanley Popovich has used his writing skills, analytical talents, interviews and diligent research in an attempt to educate readers. He was educated at Pennsylvania State University and has used these approaches in his own life. This is book is highly recommended. 
-- Cheryl Heinrichs, Allbooks Review