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Published:August 12th, 2013 12:34 EST
What Do You Use To Help Your Body?

What Do You Use To Help Your Body?

By SOP newswire

In this 28-page book ,written by Jewel Kats for children (published by Loving Healing Press, 2011), we see a little girl named Maggie is taking a walk outside with her mom and they meet a number of people whom Maggie asks one question: "what do you use to help your body?"

The book shows with full-page illustrations, created by Richa Kinra, various helpful aids used by people with special needs in different places and diverse professions. Through Maggie`s eyes, children see what aids help who in what way; thus valuing these devices as something helpful as well as accepting various disabilities as "these abilities".

The characters Maggie and her mom meet come from various cultures, so the book also introduces kids to people and names of different cultures. Jewel Kats has dedicated the book to her mother remembering how her mother walked her to school in the rain.

There is an interesting twist at the end of the story that tells us more about Maggie, but that better be left for the readers to discover.   

ISBN: 978-1615990825


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