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Published:August 13th, 2013 11:25 EST

Blasphemy! YouTube Video Depicts Little Boy Praying To Obama

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A little boy`s prayer for President Barack Obama has sparked the ire of conservatives after his mother videoed her son on his knees and uploaded it to YouTube.


Much of the controversy revolves around the fact that like many young boys he seems to muddle his words up making it seem he is praying directly to the president.

Thanking the commander in chief for his courage and bravery, the boy, known as Stephen, even thanks God for endowing the president with `a special power`."

Daily Mail

The video posted on YouTube by the child`s mother is entitled "Prayer for Barack Obama", but it seems that the boy is praying to, and not for Obama.

This little boy, Stephen, brings to mind actor Jamie Foxx`s infamous comment at the Soul Train Awards: Thank God, and our Lord and Savior Barack Obama.

Obama does have a special power: The ability to blind seemingly intelligent people to his true nature and true agenda.

Obama is far from eloquent; when he`s not reading from a teleprompter his speech is tentative and liberally sprinkled with "you knows" and "ums."

Yet a news anchor and pundit like Chris Matthews will feel a tingle going all the way up his leg whenever his idol speaks.

The scales aren`t going to fall from the eyes of Stephen, Jamie Foxx, Chris Matthews and millions of other Obama lovers until decades from now when they wake up to the fact that we are living in a totalitarian nightmare in large part thanks to their Messiah.



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