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Published:August 13th, 2013 08:27 EST
Why Did Chris Latham Recruit a Whole Crew to Rub Out His Wife, Nancy Latham?

Why Did Chris Latham Recruit a Whole Crew to Rub Out His Wife, Nancy Latham?

By John G. Kays

Why did Samuel Yenawine hang himself in jail? And another inexplicable missing link in this bizarre murder-for-hire plot wafting madly from the sultry, historic Southern citadel of Charleston, South Carolina (which I just visited in early June), is why did Wendy Annette Moore, secretary and girlfriend to primary conspirator, Christopher Latham, recruit her ex-husband, the now deceased Samuel Yenawine, to take out Nancy Latham at the bidding of her husband, Chris Latham? 

As Brian Wilson use to say, "God Only Knows!" I was reminded of the Lufhansa Heist from 1978 (ya know, Goodfellas), when Jimmy Burke had to systematically eliminate every party involved in the notorious robbery at JFK Airport, since any one of them could rat to the Feds and put Jimmy The Gent behind bars perpetually! Well, the lesson here, if you want to call it that, is why get so many amateurs involved in a plot to kill your wife (at least Jimmy The Gent`s crew were seasoned professionals)?

Scheme is foiled before it even gets started; a sideliner, way down low on the Venn diagram or diabolical flowchart (cousins to the classic FBI Mafia genealogical tables, plastered in their investigative offices), is Russell Wilkinson, who was fishing to score some heroin on Charleston`s East Side (on April 5th), when interrupted by the police on a routine traffic stop, but they find (instead) a .32-caliber revolver and a box of ammo in his car. Russell cracks like a rotten egg and spills the beans to the cops!

Seems he had one of the Murder-For-Hire-Franchise-Packages in his car, put together by this wealthy, successful bank executive, Mister Latham, to ensure a smooth operation all the way to the end of the line, when the parties involved would (most likely) show up for Nancy Latham`s funeral, as well as the legitimate pillars of genteel Charleston (where the Civil War began in ernest at Fort Sumter). But what I can`t figure out, is why did Wilkinson`s Nut crack so easily?

Well, actually, I can`t understand any of this craziness; purportedly, Chris Latham had been cheating on his wife for a very long time and was getting away with it scott free. And yet it would seem as if many were aware of his obvious infidelities, such as his father-in-law (and Nancy Latham`s father), O`Neil Cannon, who gave a phone interview on HLN yesterday.  I`d say, the key here, and this is placing me out on a limb, is wanting to hold his own with Bank of America; ie, keeping control of his dough and his prestigious position (earning nearly 700K per year) as a bank executive.

In my mind, the cat was already out of the bag because of divorce proceedings; I don`t have all the details of this, yet still I can readily assume that Bank of America knew what Chris was up to, since Wendy Moore worked there too (unless fellow employees turned a blind eye to the illicit proceedings). I see the motive as being more of a revenge killing, since Latham`s career was already toast. He needed to shut her up, then maybe (he dreamed) his mountain of problems would vanish in the breeze! Such is the twisted work of a cultivated criminal (Jimmy Burke comes to mind again, although he`s a monster on a much grander scale!)

This is Southern gentility gone south, you might say! Nancy Latham and her two daughters have been hiding out for several months now, but have since gone public. The culprits are behind bars, so they are safe to characterize Latham as the true scoundrel he appears to be. "It`s not by any means celebratory," are only words that could be spoken by a Southern woman of breeding and privilege. Underneath the surface, is this shot through and through with a lingering aftertaste of class conflict?