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Published:August 15th, 2013 08:33 EST
Randy Allen Taylor Is Arrested for the Abduction of Alexis Murphy, But Are There Others?

Randy Allen Taylor Is Arrested for the Abduction of Alexis Murphy, But Are There Others?

By John G. Kays

The arrest of Randy Allen Taylor (who lives in Lovingston, Virginia) on Sunday is unsettling, after a teenager, 17-year-old Alexis Murphy, went missing from Shipman, Virginia on August 3rd.

The unsettling feeling we`re getting is not only that Taylor may have been responsible for abducting Alexis Murphy, but possibly could be linked to other cases of teenage girls, who have disappeared (from this Virginia area) over a ten year period. These far-reaching, sinister connections haven`t yet been verified, while some red flags have been flown by a vigilant media.

The one case I`ll site is that of Samantha Clarke some 3 years ago, who was last seen with Randy Allen Taylor; as suspicious as this was, the police never had enough to arrest Taylor for any crime.

I haven`t had enough time to look into Samantha Clarke`s case yet, nor have I been able to get a proper grip on all the information pouring in regarding Alexis Murphy. I mean, it seems as if a mainline water spout (laden with shocking news) has been blown, and a water fountain is spraying a wide-eyed public with tumultuous maelstrom (you can complete the metaphor as you will)! 

I certainly don`t get it; what hard evidence did they have on Taylor that can justify arresting him? I mean, the only item I`ve seen that explains it was in an article posted by The (Charlottesville) Daily Progress yesterday, stating that the authorities found a strand of Murphy`s hair in Taylor`s funky camper. 

Alright, that seems to be strong enough to arrest him, but how and why did they get a warrant to search his property? Well, we do know that he would hang out (or, perhaps, loiter is a more appropriate word) at this Liberty Gas Station, where Alexis liked to get a caramel frappe (a McDonald`s is attached to the Liberty Gas Station). 

This may have been enough, but they may have had much more in the way of probable cause, of course. Had the FBI been trailing Taylor ever since the Samantha Clarke case broke (boy, I need to run this one down)? And what other cases are they fishing at, that they might tie Taylor to? Morgan Harrington perhaps?

Now that would be big! The only fragment I could find, that suggests Mister Taylor had been carefully watched for a great deal of time, was reported in the backend of an article in News But what`s this about a bug found on the back bumper of Taylor`s sedan back in 2011? Taylor certainly must have been aware of the surveillance on him!

How deep does this go; or how many other girls` missing persons` cases can be linked to Randy Taylor? And what`s this about him purchasing two porno movies from the Ultimate Bliss on the very day that Alexis Murphy goes missing? I don`t see the tie-in, unless they`re referring to the location of where Murphy`s abandoned car was found?

Okay, so her car was found on August 6th (3 days after Alexis disappeared) in the parking lot of the Carmike Six Cinemas, which is considerably within proximity to the Ultimate Bliss; whoop-de-doo! What does that prove? 

Skies are cloudy this morning as I try to untangle these wires of data wrapped about me. I sense, this is merely the tip of an iceberg; one last question: why did Taylor pay the Ultimate Bliss with a cold, crisp, hundred dollar bill?