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Published:August 16th, 2013 08:25 EST
Why Are Randy Taylor`s Stories About Alexis Murphy and Samantha Clarke`s Disappearances So Similar?

Why Are Randy Taylor`s Stories About Alexis Murphy and Samantha Clarke`s Disappearances So Similar?

By John G. Kays

I thought I had PEAKED OUT in confusion yesterday with the information I was absorbing in the case of missing teenager Alexis Murphy, but my befuddlement surged even higher this morning after digging into the cold case of Samantha Clarke, who vanished on September 13, 2010, after crossing paths with this same Randy Taylor character (we`ve been hearing so much about). No, my brain is Alphabet Soup all the way just now!

Well, the most reliable and thorough journalism on the Samantha Clarke case (I could find), is coming from The Hook out of Charlottesville, Virginia. A jolt of terror ran down my spine when I read that The Hook editor, Courteney Stuart, sat down with Mister Taylor in the newsroom (I take it) on October 3, 2012, and interviewed him about what he knew, in conjunction with the last night Samantha Ann Clarke was seen alive. Okay, so Randy`s not that scary, but the media has already projected him as the next Hannibal Lechter (you`ll have to agree)!

I don`t know that I believe Randy`s story about how another guy was threatening Samantha, and that he was merely phoning her to warn her that this bad guy was coming over to get her, but boy, I have to admit, he sure can tell a good one/whopper (that seems to jive with an existing set of facts).

Maybe this is where I`m turning white as a rabbit and my brain morphs to scrambled eggs (Migas, hopefully); how could Randy turn around, and suddenly 3 years later, find himself in a duplicate situation?

I`m certainly most aware now, he knew he was being followed by the Town of Orange Police, and at some point, even the FBI were looking into his whereabouts, habits, and behavior, in general. I must say, I can`t confirm exactly when, where, or why the FBI has joined in (in) investigating this lanky, odd-looking man, or whether it`s in conjunction with other missing cases of girls (of what they call the 29 corridor in Virginia), and yet my intuition is telling me this holds a grain of truth.

As for Randy`s latest spin, that he confirmed a marijuana score with Alexis Murphy at the (now notorious) Liberty Gas Station, that also involved a 3rd party, a black man with cornrows (who drives a burgundy-colored Chevrolet Caprice), I can only conclude, Randy`s talents for weaving a proper, tall tale have only improved! 

The problem I`m having, and I hate to think I`m playing Devil`s Advocate, semi-siding with Randy, is for the fact that only one strand of Alexis Murphy`s hair was found in his kinky camper, which doesn`t at all jive with a violent struggle going down there.

Rather, it suggests she did visit his home, but that nothing out of the ordinary occurred there, at that time. And how could Randy come up with such exquisite details about this young black man, about this bizarre weed deal, and the description he gives of a car that was so precise? Here comes another wave of confusion boats rockin` my nether world again! This Ichabod Crane-like man can lie like a bat-out-of-hell, and almost convince you, if you don`t watch yourself!

The other thing is, unless they have something else, they`re not going to be able to hold him on just that one strand of hair. When and where did the abduction actually take place, if at all? Why didn`t surveillance cameras at the Liberty capture the two together, or possibly leaving together? 

Why would Taylor do something so stupid such as this, after all he`s been through? How could this character not be paranoid out of his mind, knowing he was constantly watched by law enforcement? Is he a brazen serial killer who believes he can become invisible?