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Published:September 1st, 2013 12:27 EST

The Righteous Slut-Shaming Of Miley Cyrus

By Robert Paul Reyes

Former child star Miley Cyrus will go down in the annals of history as a "uniter not a divider." The pop tart has joined the pantheon of celebrated peacemakers like Martin Luther King Jr., Jesus Christ and Gandhi.


From Congress to your local PTA America is intractably polarized, Republicans and Democrats can`t agree on anything of substance.

But last Sunday, it wasn`t a preacher who brought this country together, but clueless Miley Cyrus. Her MTV performance was so dreadful that right and left joined to condemn an act that was wrong, so wrong!

Even celebs who are loathe to condemn one of their own who pushes the envelope, savagely criticized the artist formerly known as Hannah Montana.

For a glorious few days America spoke with one voice as we pilloried Miley for her satanic performance.

Centuries ago a wench who made a mockery of society`s norms would have been burned at the stake. In these more enlightened times we slut-shame them, and boy did we pile it on Miley.

Of course Miley isn`t going to change her wanton ways, but it speaks to the righteousness of America that we spoke out against evil.

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