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Published:September 5th, 2013 08:10 EST
Long Beach Police Beat Up an Unarmed Porfirio Santos-Lopez, But a Smart Bystander Records Atrocity!

Long Beach Police Beat Up an Unarmed Porfirio Santos-Lopez, But a Smart Bystander Records Atrocity!

By John G. Kays

The viral YouTube video (shot by a canny unidentified bystander) doesn`t lie; the Long Beach Police Department beat the HELL out of Porfirio Santos-Lopez on Monday, which was Labor Day! A spokesperson for the LBPD claims the video takes the incident out of context, yet 5 minutes (with audio, fortunately) of uninterrupted brutality and police induced violence provides us with a lucid snapshot of what transpired on the street. IE, the cell phone video is primary evidence, it tells the truth!

Some background information provided by local news sources from the Long Beach location, fill in the picture for us considerably; to state it simply, Porfirio sustained some significant injuries, that include a broken arm and a collapsed lung. Another important piece of information is, Porfirio`s wife, Lee Ann Hernandez says he`d been struggling with some mental health issues, and appeared as if it was getting worse.

Well, Mr. Santos-Lopez was very intoxicated at the scene and we hear he had some meth in his system also; one thing is clear though, he had no weapon on him and surely 5 burly officers could have arrested him without incident. We keep hearing from the LBPD spokesman (Sgt Aaron Eaton) that Porfirio was kicking back, further resisting arrest. Nonetheless, an eyewitness observed (and the video reveals) a repeated administration of taser spray was employed, as well as the use of tumbling, crashing batons, especially from the tall and husky bald cop.

The burly, tall cop swings his baton forcefully like it`s a baseball bat, hitting an already subdued man, writhing in pain and vocalizing his agony for the handy cell phone microphone, on his legs mostly. Granted, Mr Santos-Lopez was ordered to roll over on his stomach, but I wonder whether he was really capable of performing that bodily operation on his own (with the level of toxins he had induced previously, as well as the injuries he had sustained from policemen using him as a punching bag). 

Well, I`m surprised he hadn`t already been rendered unconscious, from a combination of substance and from the (clear) excessive force used by the LBPD officers. I don`t believe anybody (whether they`re Pro-Police or Anti-Police) is going to say they couldn`t have arrested him without even one baton blow or one taser spray. Certainly, 5 strong cops could have handcuffed him without a problem and drove him down to the booking officer at the closest station.

Instead it`s Bad Slab of misdirected Show-Biz, a Rodney King Redux! To top it off, the harder the spokesperson tries to backpedal, the worse it looks. Did the cops realize their every move was being filmed? It doesn`t look like they were conscious of the fact that cameras were rolling Big Time. The amateur videographer (everyone is a journalist now) is a Hero, since he or she thought to remain hidden, shooting from an undetected position (perhaps from a building across the street). You caught the cops breaking the law!

The bottom line: excessive deadly force was used by the LBPD on a man who was suffering from mental illness. Furthermore, they were caught in the dirty act and now millions are watching the atrocity on YouTube (as it spreads out to all the local and national news services as well). 

Please be sure to watch it with the audio portion present, since the sound gives us a fuller picture of how this unnecessary police beating went down. I sense, coverage of this story will only expand, once Porfirio Santos-Lopez emerges from the hospital and from an uncouth incarceration. Well, I guess I ought to throw this in, the American People are growing weary of the Syrian debacle: the question might be, how can we police the world, when we can`t even police our own city streets?

*(With audio)