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Published:September 10th, 2013 08:16 EST
Did Shellie Zimmerman Tell a 911 Operator the Truth About What George Did?

Did Shellie Zimmerman Tell a 911 Operator the Truth About What George Did?

By John G. Kays

How could Shellie Zimmerman`s chilling saga of domestic violence (by George Zimmerman) just suddenly disappear? Did a skillful attorney, Mark O`Mara, manage to turn Shellie`s story into a fairy tale, a mere figment of our imagination? Alright, so what about the 911 call; did George punch Shelly`s father (David Dean) in the face? And what about George snatching Shelly`s ipad and carving it up with his pocketknife? Did that even happen? Well, did it?

Once again, Zimmerman gets off scott free, a freelance teflon vigilante (is the first phrase that pops up in my head)! What about Shellie`s claim that he had his hand down on his concealed firearm, apparently still in its holster? What`s this about George saying step closer? Did Shellie truly believe George might shoot her or shoot her father? And who was the mystery woman standing by George`s truck? A new flame of his, or a new groupie perhaps?

There sure was a lot of action in St Mary, Florida (close to both Sanford and to Orlando) yesterday, for an incident that didn`t happen! Or maybe Shellie was exaggerating, since she and George are going through a divorce and emotions are running out of control; the couple separated on August 13th and divorce papers were filed just last week. George, however, has been constantly away from home and from Central Florida, since his acquittal on July 13th. What`s he been up to?

All we get are small snapshots of his doings, which trend both good and bad. Let`s see, we hear he helped a family escape from an overturned SUV in Seminole County - this was in late July. Then, on July 31st George nearly got a speeding ticket about 20 miles east of Dallas; but what was Zimmerman doing up in North Texas? What business did he have in Texas? And finally (oh yea, I nearly forgot about the domestic dispute that just vanished), he received a speeding ticket in Florida last week for $256.

So George is not exactly laying low. That`s 4 incidents reported in the news in just two months time, when you think he would know better and keep a low profile, with so many people feeling a grudge against him, especially African Americans. But what`s up with this troubled man? And this sick situation, his obsession with his right to carry a firearm (bear arms) is only getting worse. Did Shellie know something we don`t? She feared he`d use a gun once again; were these Fears Real? I certainly believe they are.

And what about gainful employment; is George unemployable now, for the rest of his life? Is his personality unstable, or is he highly narcissistic, as some family members claim? And should such a man in this condition be carrying a concealed firearm? I suspect psychologists will be saying George certainly should not be armed to the tee; is he in his right mind? What`s he doing all day long, if he doesn`t have a job, cleaning his pistol or practicing his draw in front of the mirror? Is the 2nd Amendment all he has?

So why did Shellie Zimmerman make an appearance on ABC`s Good Morning America? Did she trump George`s big ego and capacity to capture news` headlines? Is this what set him off on Monday? Now Shellie is in the driver`s seat and he`s left to make flaky guest appearances at Over-the-Top gun shows, a kind of sideshow attraction (not seen since the days of P.T. Barnum`s Unnatural Museum in New York). Is George suicidal, or more importantly, is he homicidal? What`s up with his speeding sprees on our nation`s highways? Is further disaster on a major scale just around the corner for him?  Is he a villain or is he a hero; at this juncture, the former is a more likely choice.