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Published:September 14th, 2013 18:28 EST

The San Francisco Main Library Is Refuge For Homeless, Criminals & Mentally Ill

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A 25-year-old man is facing assault charges for an unprovoked attack on another patron at San Francisco`s main library branch on Wednesday.



Authorities said the suspect, identified as Clifton Moore, allegedly struck another man over the head with a chair. He was quickly detained by security and then arrested."




We think of a library as a refuge from the madness of modern civilization, where patrons are afraid to speak above a whisper, and where peace and tranquility prevails.


Nothing could be further from the truth, as far as the San Francisco main library branch is concerned. This huge library is located just a hop, skip and a stumble from the Tenderloin district, the seediest part of town.


The homeless and the mentally are warmly welcomed by the library staff, even if they are reeking of alcohol, sopping wet with urine and their clothes are caked with feces. I kid you not; I used to live in San Francisco and I know whereof I speak.


The library has over a dozen security guards, but I wouldn`t advise a citizen to enter this hellhole unless he has an oxygen mask and is armed with pepper spray.


A lunatic bashing a patron over the head with a chair is the type of insanity that happens every day at the library.


I strongly warn tourists not to enter the main branch of the San Francisco library for any reason. Even if brain-eating zombies are after you, don`t you dare seek refuge there.


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