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Published:September 17th, 2013 10:22 EST

Dog Shoots Owner, 78

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Fort Worth, Texas woman, 78, was shot in the foot when her shotgun discharged after her dog walked past it and knocked it over, police said.


The unidentified woman told police she was watching television in her home Saturday night with the shotgun by her side, and it fired when the dog bumped it."


I`m all for a homeowner having a shotgun at the ready, but 78 may just be too freakin` old to own a weapon of any kind.

A pooch would have a steadier grip and a truer aim than your average septuagenarian. If a burglar did break into the old woman`s home, her hands would be shaking so bad that she would pepper her entire house with buckshot , and finally the bad guy would grab the gun  and whack her across the head with it.

The canine won`t be thrown in the slammer; the cops didn`t press any charges against him. The dog isn`t even in the doghouse with his elderly owner, she doesn`t blame the animal.

Moral of this story: Lady ditch the gun, your pooch will protect you from any intruder.

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