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Published:September 20th, 2013 08:16 EST
Hiccup Girl (Jennifer Mee) Sets Up Shannon Griffin On A $55 Marijuana Shakedown! Is That All There Is?

Hiccup Girl (Jennifer Mee) Sets Up Shannon Griffin On A $55 Marijuana Shakedown! Is That All There Is?

By John G. Kays

HICCUP GIRL, Jennifer Mee, just set this poor innocent man (Shannon Griffin) up for a small-time robbery ($55), it doesn`t look like she intended he`d be killed, but that`s just what happened. Yet, with the way Florida Law is written, Hiccup Girl can be charged and convicted of first degree murder, even if she only participated in a conspiracy to rob somebody, since that felony robbery escalated into an unwanted homicide. Our only problem (when trying to get a grip), is that the exact circumstances of Griffin`s death are not all too clear.

Well, for that matter, the circumstances of Jennifer Mee`s life are a bit foggy as well; that is, since she snatched up a bit of fame in 2007 for her chronic condition of compulsive, rapid hiccuping, that`s little cured, except maybe from drinking a giant glass of water. The problem with this trifle bit of fame, as I see it, is that it`s not really fame, it`s novelty fame! Thus, people are actually using the Hiccup Girl as an object of ridicule, seeing her as more of a Freak of Nature, such as P.T. Barnum would display at his (Un)Natural Museum in NYC (you might recall Tom Thumb or the Swedish Nightingale). 

So, you get my drift, perhaps HG perceived people were merely making fun of her, or using her as a scapegoat to make themselves look better, or to make themselves feel as if they are the spitting image of NORMAL! All the while, poor little Jennifer Mee was feeling odder and odder, as she tried to function through the media circus that surrounded her. I have to believe she got the short end of the stick, and that her personality or psychological makeup may have sustained significant damage from this public abuse.

It would be helpful (we have to believe) to hear the narrative of her life from The Today Show appearance, up to the day of the Marijuana Shakedown and ultimately, the murder of Shannon Griffin, which went down on October 23, 2010, in St Petersburg, Florida. Let`s see, that`s around 3 years time for HG`s life to take some more unexpected twists and turns, some of which would seem to have a sizable downward trajectory. For example, when did she meet up with her accomplices, Lamont Antonio Newton and Laron Cordale Raiford?

How did these two men make a living, or were they involved in other types of crimes? How long had they been roommates with Jennifer at the time of Griffin`s death? Is it true that Lamont Antonio Newton was the one who actually shot Griffin? Who owned the .38-special used in the robbery gone south? Did these petty criminals believe he had anymore than $55, or is that all the money they hoped to get out of this weed setup? That`s the stupidest thing I`ve ever heard of in my life! 

One can`t help but feel sorry for Hiccup Girl; her entire life has been a setup, so she decides to even the score one day (as I figure it) and be the one who does the setting up. Still, I`m hoping the trial will fill in some more lines and color to a very blurry picture! The motive behind the homicide is suppose to be a take of $55? Unfathomable! There`s more than meets the eye here; CI found a used condom at the scene and a dead Shannon Griffin`s pants were down. Come on! What`s the real scoop? Hiccup it up, reporters!