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Published:September 21st, 2013 18:25 EST

Jon Gosselin Fires Warning Shot At Female Photographer

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Jon Gosselin pulled a loaded gun on a photographer Friday.


In photos obtained by the gossip site, the`Jon & Kate Plus 8,` star can be seen holding the firearm after a paparazza followed him home from his new waiter job at Black Dog restaurant."

New York Daily News

The former reality star moved to a cabin in the woods to get away from the scumbag paparazzi. Gosselin has a license to carry a concealed gun, and if the photographer was trespassing he certainly had a right to fire a warning shot.

The diminutive former reality star lives in the woods, it`s not like he can call the cops and they will be there in a few minutes. It`s up to him to protect his property and privacy.

The fact that the photographer was a female doesn`t make any difference, the fair sex doesn`t have free license to harass and invade the privacy of private citizens.

I never cared much for Gosselin, his wife, or his children for that matter, but I respect that he`s finally earning an honest buck waiting on tables.

The press should leave the poor guy alone!

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