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Published:September 24th, 2013 08:12 EST
Was Marlon Brown Killed by Deland Police Officer James Harris as a Result of Vehicular Homicide?

Was Marlon Brown Killed by Deland Police Officer James Harris as a Result of Vehicular Homicide?

By John G. Kays

Marlon Brown, 38, when trying to escape the law, was run over by James Harris` patrol car on May 8th (in Deland, Florida) and died as a result. In one sentence, while not fully elaborating the circumstances of Marlon Brown`s death, this explains what happened. The violation, we`re hearing, is that Marlon wasn`t wearing his seat belt, but feared having to return to jail, so he bolted from his vehicle. The real question at this point (or one of them anyway) is, did officer James Harris purposely run over Marlon Brown?

If this is true, then it`s vehicular homicide; yea, you heard me right, Harris willfully killed Brown, using a cop car as his weapon. The Deland Police Department did, at least, fire officer Harris on May 31st of this year. In case you`re wondering, Deland is located 34 miles north of Orlando with a population of 27, 031; you might want to look at a map of Florida, that`s what I did this morning. Deland is inland by 23 miles from Daytona Beach, if that helps any.

Krystal Brown, Marlon`s former wife, has done a good thing by getting the police dash cam video released to the media and to the public. Apparently, this goes against the grain of tradition in Florida law, where I would assume this video evidence will remain in the possession of law enforcement exclusively, which would put them at an advantage, if they wished to cover the situation up, or skew the evidence in their favor.

I don`t know how Krystal Brown was able to do this good deed, but I do know, however, I am thankful I had an opportunity to view this really shocking video; I did hear she has Benjamin Crump on her side as an advocate, who`s calling for an independent investigation, over and above the shoddy one conducted by the Leland Police Department, or a recent Grand Jury ruling, who chose not to indict Harris.

After watching the disturbing footage around 20 times, both last night and this morning (with fresher eyes), I don`t see where the short film is lying, or can lie, for that matter. Why did Harris chase Brown in a field with his squad car? This is certainly not a Standard Operating Procedure! How fast was he going? Why didn`t he slow down as he came very close on the figure of a black man running for his life? Why not? Was he using the squad car like it was a baton or something? 

Once again, how could the running over not have been willful? It had to be, don`t you think? Did Brown slip and fall? Could Harris not stop his vehicle in time? This couldn`t be, could it? Will another atrocity slip between the cracks, just like Trayvon Martin? Harris` speed must have been high; 40, 50, 60 miles per hour? And the autopsy and cause of death is weird; Brown wasn`t so much as crushed by the vehicle, as he was asphyxiated (you might say). Well, that`s not quite right either; did he die from shear fear, perhaps? The cause of death requires much more examination.

With the release of this revolting police video, this time, this one will not duck underneath the radar; in fact, it`s going viral right now. The controversy over this footage, which looks like vehicular homicide captured clearly and succinctly by an accurate eye of the camera, is not likely to fade from public memory anytime soon either. Has James Harris gotten off Scot Free? Absolutely not! Murdered by a policeman for not wearing your seatbelt? Not possible, except maybe in this case!