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Published:September 26th, 2013 08:12 EST
Can We Now Reconstruct What Happened to Cheryl Miller and Pamela Jackson on May 29, 1971?

Can We Now Reconstruct What Happened to Cheryl Miller and Pamela Jackson on May 29, 1971?

By John G. Kays

I took an interest in a cold case, that of Cheryl Miller and Pamela Jackson, this morning when reading that a car was discovered in a fairly dried up creek called Brule, which happens to be in Union County, South Dakota. My curiosity comes from the fact that the two 17-year-old girls disappeared on May 29, 1971, a time when I was just graduating from high school. Cheryl Miller and Pam Jackson were from my generation, but weren`t allowed to experience the last forty-two years of history, such as I have. I suppose, this is a piece of my curiosity.

I stared at the two photos of the girls and felt very connected to them, as if I was taking a trip back in time, as a result of the photos resembling the ones I was familiar with from a bygone era. Alright, I eventually returned to earth, and realized I knew nothing about this cold case, so I began to print a number of articles just published after the startling discovery of a wasted-out 1960 Studebaker Lark, which must have been there all along (for 42 years), frozen, suspended in time and space.

You have to admit there`s a paranormal quality to this case, where the leakage of news drips slowly, seeping down through time in multiple decades, not days, months, or years (it has an archaeological quality as well). Furthermore, part of my problem is due to a very clever video that`s been produced, showing a simulation of that unfortunate evening when the two girls (of the Baby-Boomer Era) suddenly vanished on a rural South Dakota road. There is a literalness to their vanishing act, since one minute a car load of boys saw them drive away, then when they looked back, they were gone!

As far as the suspect goes, a career criminal by the name of David Lykken, I`m just beginning to take a look at what the detectives working this case (for all these years) have in the way to implicate him. I printed out a piece from the Argus Leader, Authorities find car driven by two teenagers when they went missing in 1971, which is helpful to give you some summary of the muffled trickle of developments, coming painfully in increments over a 42 year timespan.

I`m just saying this to underscore my own ignorance; there are people around who have been studying this case for all this time and may be within striking distance of seeing its solution. I can tell you, I`m a little confused by many things, which don`t make a great deal of sense to me (being so new to this). First off, and you probably thought of this, but if the skeletal remains of Cheryl and Pamela were still in the Studebaker, then whose bones were found on David Lykken`s farm in Alcester, Iowa? Well, tell me?

For me, this implies that Lykken is likely a serial killer, who killed many other girls besides Miller and Jackson! I`ll have to get back with you on that loose statement, since I haven`t had time to do my homework. And what`s this about a wrong turn taken by the girls? If the boys who talked to the girls shortly before they disappeared didn`t see which way the girls went, then how did they know the girls made a wrong turn?

Were the boys on the way to this Gravel Party also? Who was throwing this party and what was the occasion? How did Cheryl and Pamela hear about the party? Did anybody see David Lykken at this mysterious Gravel Party, or possibly in the vicinity during that early summer night? And can I remember what I was doing the evening of May 29th, 1971? This might help for the sake of context; solving this cold case may help all of us, bringing us a little more peace of mind.