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Published:September 27th, 2013 14:01 EST
NASA`s Curiosity Rover Detects No Methane within Atmosphere of Mars

NASA`s Curiosity Rover Detects No Methane within Atmosphere of Mars

By Ron G Anselm

Having the necessary items you need to survive in any situation is as important as making sure you cars gas tank is full before getting stuck in the morning traffic jam on the highway on the way to your meaningful or meaningless job you head to everyday " (Anselm, R.)

The above quote by me is so true, you have to be prepared for anything life throws at you and then be able to react to that challenging situation with resolve and courage. Life is full of surprises but yet full of many rewards if we choose to see those rewards.  This is what makes life worth getting up in the morning, putting on your slippers, heading for the coffee pot and kicking yourself in the rear to go to your job that you may and may not like but your bills have to get paid one way or the other so you really don`t have the luxury of not having to go to work and to go to your local mall and hang out with your retired buddies in the food court as they reminisce about the past stories they once lived and the way they tell those stories that are important to them with the same fire in them as when they once lived in the way they tell those exact same stories. Make sense?

Oh, ok... Enough rambling on about nothing, I sort of drifted off into the zone and started writing what was coming to mind. What`s important here is that we all or a lot of us are NASA and science fans and love to hear about the many things that NASA is currently doing to take us to the next level in the race for space challenge. Recently NASA once again used it`s Curiosity Rover to explore Mar and found out that the once hypothesis of thinking Mars atmosphere was full of Methane gas may have just been hype on the part of astronomers and scientists.

Data from NASA`s Curiosity Rover revealed that Mars does lack the presence of Methane gas. If any environment has the presence of Methane gas means that their more than likely is life living on that planet and in that atmosphere. Also, Methane in some instances can be produced without the presence of biological life.

Our atmosphere is full of Methane and Methane gas for those of you that may not know this is also produced by humans, I won`t say how we humans produce methane gas, gas being the key word here but just think of it this way, how do you feel after you just ate a huge bowl of Texas chili that was full of every hot pepper imaginable and known by man and full of more beans than most women have shoes? Use your imagination to find the answer or just eat a bowl of that Texas chili and the answer will come to you naturally. Just don`t try to find the answer in this way sitting next to your spouse in a hot car with the windows rolled up, it may quickly become a problem with your significant other.

So, if Mars lacks the presence of Methane does this mean those funny looking little green men we all have become accustomed to in our homes while watching Hollywood movies may not really exist? Well, to some people if this is true is the same as finding out that Santa Clause never really existed, or does he?

NASA`s Curiosity Rover examined samples from the Martian atmosphere six times during October 2012 through June of 2013 and found no Methane in sight. The term no Methane doesn`t mean there may be a very little traceable amount presence. Mars Rover used an instrument called a Tunable Laser Spectrometer to search for the presence of Methane and found after many samples that the Martian atmosphere probably contains about no more than 1.3 parts per billion which totals out to around one-sixth as much as some past estimate forecasted Mars to have.

Chris Webster commented on this by saying, It would have been exciting to find methane but we have enough confidence in our measurements and the progress in expanding knowledge is what`s really important. We measured repeatedly from the Martian spring to late summer but with no detection of Methane. "(Webster, C.)

Methane is the most abundant hydrocarbon in our solar system. Methane has one carbon atom bound to four hydrogen atom in each molecule. Past reports by NASA said that Mars could contain at least forty-five parts per billion of Methane which if that were the case would prove there was biological life on Mars but so far this is not the case.

So, if the presence of Methane is nill to none within the Martian atmosphere, does that mean that Mars has no life or has never had life existing on it? And since scientists are sort of searching for another Earth Two or should I say another habitable planet we all could one day relocate to if we keep destroying our Atmosphere and ecosystems here on our planet mean that now Mars would not be in the running for that?

Well, as Dandy " Don Meredith used to say at the end of every game on the good ol` days of Monday Night Football, It aint` over until the fat lady sings. " We shall see if suddenly the presence of Methane appears on Mars as NASA continues searching for it in the atmosphere where we all once thought that Martians did really exist.


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