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Published:October 1st, 2013 08:28 EST
Did Pastor Ronald Harris Rape Woodrow Karey`s Wife?

Did Pastor Ronald Harris Rape Woodrow Karey`s Wife?

By John G. Kays

A sketch of how a heavily armed Woodrow Karey entered the Tabernacle of Praise Worship Center in Lake Charles, Louisiana Friday night (at 8:20 PM), and shot Pastor Ronald Harris in the back with a shotgun, has made its petrifying appearance in the news. Less clearly delineated, is the why for Karey, apparently once a deacon of the church, executing Harris even as he was just commencing his church services. As the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff Tony Mancuso has pointed out (when talking to the news), the investigation into the unusual and shocking shooting is just getting started.

Even with so much police work needing to get done, some significant information, that might be suggestive of a motive, is trickling forth. That is, Karey`s wife (I haven`t heard her name mentioned in the news yet) had filed a rape complaint against Pastor Harris two days before her husband went and killed him right during church services, where 65 people were present worshiping, and were eyewitnesses to this disturbing blasphemy. Yet, we still don`t know what the real relationship was between Ronald Harris and this unidentified wife of the suspect.

An Associated Press article (Sheriff: Rape report filed against pastor by wife of suspect in his shooting death) reveals that Sheriff Mancuso had uncovered an exchange of texts messages between Pastor Harris and this mystery wife to the suspect. The nature or content of these texts have not been clarified, so far; that is, we don`t know whether the exchanges are friendly, possibly hostile, or (conceivably) suggestive of a romantic liaison. This dearth of data leaves us in the lurch as to what this is all about!

The range of possibilities is wide, you might say; one thing is clear, nonetheless: whatever the content of the texts may be, it set off Woodrow Karey into a homicidal rage! The aforementioned article also points out, the Lake Charles detectives, who are doing the investigating, somehow found out Woodrow looked at his wife`s cell phone and saw the texts around a week before he did what he was going to do. Also, and the timing on this may be crucial to what was about to happen, but after her husband saw these controversial texts, she files the rape complaint a few days afterwards.

This suggests, perhaps, while by no means proving it, she may have only filed the rape complaint to appease a wrathful and jealous husband. Furthermore, one has to wonder whether there`s any credence to Pastor Harris raping her; did she just say that to her husband to cover-up something else? Did Ronald Harris, a man of God, actually rape this woman? Or did they have a romantic fling that had to be quickly dashed out, for obvious reasons?

I got blindfolds on, you`ll readily notice, and am grasping my arms and hands out in the chilly winds of uncertainty! Yea, I don`t know what`s going on here; one fact is known, though, that sheds some light on this crime. Woodrow Carey gave up very quickly, calling the police and giving himself up just minutes after he shot Harris, and even showing the cops where he dumped his shotgun used and a .22 pistol. My take on this easy surrender, is once he did it, he had a total catharsis and had vented his rage completely.  It had to work out this way, I`ll opine.

This was a crime of passion; but was it committed out of jealousy or was it done as a vendetta towards the Pastor because of a rape? The former reason is more likely, as I see it. I could be wrong, but filing a formal complaint of rape is an argument for the latter scenario, suggested as the motive. If the suspect`s wife is making a false claim, then this suggests a lot was going on behind the scenes. She could have done it as a result of some fear she was experiencing towards her husband; after all, in the final analysis, Woodrow Karey went absolutely berserk last Friday night!