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Published:October 3rd, 2013 08:17 EST
Alice and Gerald Uden`s Petrifying Past Finally Catches Up with Them!

Alice and Gerald Uden`s Petrifying Past Finally Catches Up with Them!

By John G. Kays

Why did it take so long for authorities to arrest the elderly couple, Gerald Uden, 71, and Alice Louise Uden, 74, who were now living in the rural Ozarks, close to Chadwick, Missouri? Is it because they had just found the remains of Ronald Holtz (Alice Uden`s husband), deposited in a gold mine somewhere in Wyoming? No body, no murder, right? The seemingly peaceful couple had been living in Missouri since 1991 (according to an ABC article), and I suspect, detectives knew who they were, but didn`t have enough on them to arrest them.

Well, I`m starting to see the how and why this shocking case came unwound; yet, there`s some gaping black holes I`m hoping I can fill in with a valuable timeline of their lives` data, if you get my drift. That is, once they had Ronald Holtz` body, who was only 25 at the time he was shot (in the back of his head with .22 rifle), most likely by his wife Alice, on a ranch in Wyoming, very late in the year of 1974, they could charge her. Further unravelling occurs once they have Alice Uden in custody; she must have given information about her husband`s 1980 triple murder (ratted on her man).

This leads me to believe that Wyoming law enforcement never had any hard evidence on Gerald Uden, regarding the September 13, 1980 triple shooting of Uden`s wife, Virginia, and her two children by a different man, Richard and Reagan Uden, who were 12 and 10 respectively. Very strange indeed! Therefore, he must have hidden or buried their bodies, just as his wife had 6 years prior to his heinous act. Another item that is very strange also, is the startling similarities between the aging couple`s crimes: hate their spouses (for some reason), .22 rifles utilized , then cleverly hide the bodies.

So how and when did Gerald and Alice meet? Did they immediately exchange their twisted and sickening stories, or did it take some time before they got around to confessions bound by marital homicide? And how could they trust in one another, this is what I want to know? Did they still have firearms around? This is a scary thought! And if they moved to Chadwick in 1991, what were they doing (and where were they living) between 1980 and 1991? Of course, they may have not met and fallen in love until well after 1980; but when, where, and why, we`d like to know?

And why did they decide to bail to this isolated location of the Ozarks? Did the police in Fremont County, Wyoming know about them leaving the state, but couldn`t stop them? I suspect this is true, and I also suspect they knew exactly where the couple ended up, but couldn`t really do anything about it, since they weren`t able to arrest them. The reason for this, is in both cases, the Udens got rid of the bodies of their victims; in a sense, they both must have thought they had committed the perfect crime. Was this the basis for their love for one another, similar MOs?

I`m coming up short here on a lot of fronts; this is bizarre in so many ways, it`s hard to reconcile the multitude of moving parts, coming as it is just as we coast into early October and the inevitable Halloween season, just around the bend. The scariest aspect of this story is not really knowing how these horrifying events unfolded in just the way they did; the first thing I thought of when reading this sickly sweet saga late yesterday afternoon on CNN`s web page, is this could have been the basis for one of Alfred Hitchcock`s late films. As you read through news accounts, the picture practically has a premiere screening in your addle brain. Remnants of Psycho, The Birds, and Family Plot are rolled into one tidy package!