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Published:October 4th, 2013 12:42 EST

Queen Latifah Offers 'I Quit' Girl Marina Shifrin A Job: Videos

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Queen Latifah offers `I quit!` video star Marina Shifrin a job on talk show

Shifrin, whose video has gone viral and spawned parodies, initially thought the `Queen Latifah Show` host was joking when she offered to hire her as a digital content producer."


The New York Daily News

This is an update to my article:

Emailing a resignation letter to your boss is so old school, nowadays resignation videos are the way to go. Marina Shifrin has set the bar high, your resignation video better be awesome.

Marina recently appeared on the Queen Latifah Show, and to her surprise the talk show host offered her a job on the spot.

The "I Quit Girl"was wearing her big-ass glasses during her interview with Queen Latifah, I`m glad the glasses weren`t just a prop; I love a girl with glasses. Chick with glasses make mine get all steamed up.

Marina is beautiful, intelligent, creative and funny, girlfriend moonlights as a stand-up comic.

I`d love to hire Marina to dance for me; I ain`t talking a lap dance. I just want to see Marina`s quirky, seductive dance moves.  

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