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Published:October 7th, 2013 12:32 EST

UFO Turns Out To Be Spotlight For Cheesy Mexican Restaurant

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Several Augusta residents called police and the local newspaper to report a UFO hovering over the capital city last week.

But there were no little green men invading. Just chimichangas and fajitas.

Deputy Police Chief Jared Mills tells the Kennebec Journal the source of the UFO rumor turned out to be a spotlight being used by Margaritas Mexican Restaurant to celebrate its reopening on Wednesday night."


There hasn`t been  a single documented case where a UFO has been scientifically proven to be a spacecraft of extraterrestrial origin.

Unidentified Flying Objects are usually identified, after minimal research, to be Chinese lanterns, swamp gas, conventional aircraft, high-flying birds, meteorites, clouds, drones or hallucinations.

Unfortunately, Americans have been conditioned by cheesy Sci-Fi flicks to call the police or the media whenever they see a strange light in the sky.

If you see a strange light in the sky, put down your jug of moonshine, put out your joint, and share the fascinating news with your moron buddies on Twitter. But for God`s sake don`t call the police; they have 1,001 better things to do than to listen to your tomfoolery.

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