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Published:October 9th, 2013 11:24 EST

Carrie Prank Terrifies Cafe Patrons: See Scary Video!

By Robert Paul Reyes

A remake of the 1976 Stephen King horror classic Carrie has been produced -- yet again. The studio (Sony Screen Gems) has posted a video on YouTube promoting the new flick that ostensibly depicts unsuspecting café patrons in New York being terrified by a young woman exhibiting Carrie-like telekinetic powers.  


The prank starts when a customer, actually a stuntman, spills his coffee on the Carrie lookalike. Incensed, she points the palm of her hand in his direction and he zooms up the wall.

Call me a cynic but I don`t think there was a single genuine customer in the café; I would bet my VHS copy of Carrie that everybody in that place was an actor.

Had there been real customers in that café, at least one of them would have been an evangelical who would have responded by hurling hot coffee in the face of the" demon-possessed witch."

Not to mention that such a horrifying scenario could have triggered a heart attack in a real person. The studio would be assuming too much liability by staging a prank that included real people.

Hopefully the remake will be better than the prank video!

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