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Published:October 23rd, 2013 11:58 EST

Preacher: 'Wicked' Girl Scouts Promote Lesbianism & Abortion: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"When you buy those Thin Mints or Tagalongs, it`s `food offered to idols,` says a right-wing minister who thinks Christians should boycott Girl Scout Cookies, saying the organization supports lesbianism, abortion rights, and contraception, along with teaching women to be independent, which is not godly womanhood.,


`Please, I beg of you, stop buying Girl Scout cookies,` Kevin Swanson said Monday on his Generations Radio program, adding, `I don`t want to support lesbianism, I don`t want to support Planned Parenthood and I don`t want to support abortion, and if that be the case I`m not buying Girl Scout cookies.`"


When an average American sees a girl scout selling cookies, these words come to his mind: Innocence, all-American, wholesomeness, goodness...

Girl Scouts remind me that despite America`s intractable problems, there is still much good about our great country. Thank God for the Girls Scouts, they empower young girls and teach them values such as honesty, courage, compassion and sisterhood, through activities including camping, learning first aid, and earning badges by acquiring practical skills.

But evangelical preacher Kevin Swanson says that Christians should boycott Girl Scout cookies and stop supporting such an evil organization.

The deranged minister claims that the Girl Scouts organization supports Planned Parenthood and lesbianism, and of course in his twisted mind these things are anathema.

Only a spawn of the devil with equate Girl Scouts with evil and un-American values. The crazy pastor says the Girls Scouts organization instills in young girls an independent spirit that leads to Communism.  Whatcha talkin` about Willis?

I urge Americans of every religion, ethnicity, and sexual orientation to support the Girl Scouts of America. You will find former Girl Scouts teaching classrooms, practicing medicine, leading corporations and practicing law. If you believe in America, and in the values of our Constitution, buy some Girl Scout cookies.

As for the good reverend Kevin Swanson: Boycott this clown.

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