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Published:October 27th, 2013 11:58 EST

Dog Earns MBA From Sham Online University: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"In just four days, a dog named Pete earned an MBA from the American University of London.

He had the help of the BBC`s Newsnight team, which worked up a one-page resume and filled in the dog`s application form. Pete was tagged as a 36-year-old management consultant with 15 years of work experience and a degree from a U.K. university.


After handing over a $7,278 fee, Pete joined the ranks of AUOL`s more than 110,000 alumni "without ever sending in any proof of his work."

New York Daily News

There are legitimate universities online, and it`s possible to obtain a degree online that is recognized by someone other than your mother, but there are many sham "schools of higher learning" online.

If you obtain an MBA from the American University of London you can use it to line your doggie kennel, but it`s useless in the real world.

The American University of London isn`t American, it`s based in the Caribbean (not London), and it`s not a real university.

Pete the pooch earned an MBA from the American University of London, without ever sending in proof of his work. Pete didn`t even have to use his favorite excuse: I ate my homework.

Do your doggone research before you spend good money enrolling in an online university.

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