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Published:November 4th, 2013 14:56 EST

Video of UFO In Kentucky! Call MUFON! Contact the Air Force!

By Robert Paul Reyes

After a gazillion and one blurry videos of UFO`s posted on YouTube, and thousands of out-of-focus photographs of flying saucers published in newspapers, there is finally proof positive that an alien craft has landed on Earth.


There`s an honest to goodness flying saucer parked on the front lawn at 12186 Farmer Dr. in Walton, Kentucky.

There`s a menacing alien peering out of the port window on top, mesmerizing blinking lights on the sides, eerie fog, and the ominous sound of whirring engines from a Warp Drive propulsion system.

Yes I know this is Kentucky, and I`m aware it`s the Halloween season, but I`m convinced this isn`t a hillbilly prank.

UFO`s are real! Redneckognize!

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