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Published:November 6th, 2013 12:46 EST

Neanderthal Complains About Rainbow Dinosaur In Front Of High School: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A controversial rainbow dinosaur will be allowed to stay in front of Granby High School.


The town`s school committee met Monday night after a resident complained that the rainbow colors painted on the dinosaur support gay pride and should not be on public property.

The dinosaur statue is part of the Dinosaur Statue Project, an effort to put several different brontosaurus models across town.

Students from town schools selected the design and then raised money through a penny drive to get the statue placed at the high school."



It was 6-year-old students who approved the rainbow design; I don`t think they had a hidden agenda to promote gay rights. To them the rainbow design is cool, not a symbol of gay rights.

But if these schoolchildren were cognizant that the rainbow is an emblem of gay rights, the townspeople should be beaming with pride that they have such intellectually gifted and tolerant children.

We`re not talking Barney the Dinosaur here, an obvious representation of the Antichrist. Anybody who has a problem with a cute rainbow dinosaur has mental issues, and is in desperate need of psychiatric help.

We should keep in mind that it was just one resident who complained about the rainbow dinosaur, we shouldn`t paint the town of Granby with a broad brush, and falsely accuse them of being Neanderthals.

All`s well that ends well: The beautiful rainbow dinosaur will be allowed to stay in front of Granby high school.

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