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Published:November 8th, 2013 11:54 EST

Outrage: Tanning Salon's Thanksgiving Ad Insults Native Americans

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Club Sun Color Studio posted the ad on its Facebook page. It shows a tan brunette dressed in an American Indian costume and a pale blonde in a pilgrim costume.


"Have a `colorful Thanksgiving`!" the ad for tanning memberships reads. "The Indians brought more than just `corn` to the first Thanksgiving....They brought sexy `color`."


As Thanksgiving approaches I am thankful that we have made long strides in eradicating racism, but the vestiges of this ugly disease still remain.

Case in point this insensitive and racist advertisement that a tanning studio posted on its Facebook page.

Hello! First of all even children know that it`s incorrect, and offensive to refer to Native Americans as "Indians."

Native Americans may have brought corn to the first Thanksgiving, but the Pilgrims brought disease, genocide and exploitation to the New World. Even today Native Americans are still suffering at the hands of the White man.

Word of warning to companies small and large: Ads posted on social media sites need to be vetted just like ads run on radio and television. News, Weather


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