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Published:November 13th, 2013 12:07 EST

Obamacare Girl Emerges, Claims She's Victim of Cyberbullying: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The smiling woman who was once the face of the Affordable Care Act`s website has come out of the shadows to stand up to the `cyberbullying` she says she suffered after the law`s flawed kickoff.


Speaking exclusively to ABC News, Adriana, who asked that only her first name be used, said she was speaking out now to defend herself after weeks of enduring online lampooning.

"They have nothing else to do but hide behind the computer. They`re cyberbullying," Adriana told ABC News` Amy Robach." 

ABC News

On October 1, 2013 when the Obamacare Web site launched to enroll the unisured in health plans through government run exchanges, it was Adriana`s smiling mug that greeted them.

Why is this woman smiling we wondered, as we tried in vain to enroll in Obamacare using the glitch-filled portal.

It`s hard to imagine a gig that`s less humiliating than to be the public face of Obamacare, the most despised federal program in recent history.

Adriana was mocked, lampooned and vilified by pundits, politicians, late-night comics, and average Americans.

A couple of weeks ago Adriana`s face was finally removed from, but the damage has been done.

Adriana has finally come out of the closet (although she insists that only her first name be used), to stand up for herself and plead for the harassment and bullying to stop.

Adriana is as much a victim as the millions who`ve had their insurance plans cancelled because of Obamacare, and the millions who`ve been unable to enroll using the stillborn Web site.

Obama is the face of Obamacare, and Americans are entitled to heap expletives, and unleash their rage on this disingenuous and incompetent politician.

God damn you straight to hell Obama for foisting this ungodly monstrosity on the American public.



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