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Published:November 18th, 2013 16:52 EST

Tomfoolery: UFO Lecture At Library: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Do you believe in aliens? If so, the San Antonio Public Library is hosting a special lecture and discussion on the topic.


The lecture is designed to give participants the story of the UFO`s from the government`s perspective."

News 4 San Antonio

With the advent of the Internet, especially educational Web sites like, it`s no longer necessary for students to go to the library to do serious research. With e-readers it`s no longer necessary for folks to patronize the library to read the latest bestsellers.  Almost every newspaper in the world is available online, there`s no need to dash to the library to read your local rag.

Libraries have become the refuge of homeless and other riff-raff; libraries have resorted to desperate measures to attract customers.

A UFO lecture at a library? Really? Really?

The lecture is designed to give participants the story of UFO`s from the government`s perspective, at least that rules out stories about close encounters of the weird kind with aliens who have a fetish for performing anal probes.

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