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Published:November 20th, 2013 14:21 EST

Winos in Amsterdam Paid In Beer To Clean Streets! Bravo! Great Idea! Video!

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Amsterdam is putting their resident alcoholics to work by offering them beer and cigarettes to clean the city`s streets.


A few resident alcoholics are being offered 10 euros a day, a half packet of rolling tobacco, and five cans of beer per day. The men are allowed to drink two in the morning, one at lunch, and another two after work."


Amsterdam one of the world`s great cities, is famous for its red light district and coffee shops where marijuana use is tolerated.

Johns who patronize brothels and dope heads who frequent the coffee shops add to the local color and don`t pose a problem for law enforcement.

But the city`s chronic alcoholics are a nuisance, they fight, badger women, and disturb the noise, in short they are an aesthetic nightmare and they detract from Amsterdam`s quality of life.

Giving these winos a few bucks, tobacco and beer to clean the streets keeps them out of trouble. Kudos to Amsterdam for thinking outside the box, we should try the same thing in New York City, and other municipalities plagued by shiftless drunkards.

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