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Published:November 23rd, 2013 11:23 EST

Shreddies, Fart-Filtering Underwear: Greatest Invention Ever? Video!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Paul O`Leary, a British innovator, has invented a pair of underpants called `Shreddies` which prevent the bad odour of farts from going into the nostrils of people around.


Shreddies are available for both women and men. These underpants use a layer of activated carbon cloth for masking filthy smell of farts. The absorbent nature of the carbon cloth holds the smell. When the underpants are washed, their ability to trap the smell gets reset. The miracle fabric is called as `Zorflex` by the company which claims that it has gone through rigorous tests for determining the ability of the underwear to mask odour."

International Business Times

It`s the most wonderful time of the year, are you ready for the holidays? Have your bought your Thanksgiving turkey, Christmas tree, eggnog and fart-filtering underwear?

The holidays are all about good cheer, being a blessing to others and pigging out. I`m ready to gorge on turkey, ham, apple pie and yams; I have my sweatpants, X-large T-shirt and my fart-filtering undies. Now I can let her rip like there`s no tomorrow at the Thanksgiving table, without making everyone gasp. I got my Shreddies on y`all, and I`m ready to get my fart on.

For you ladies who discretely lift your fat ass and cut the cheese at the dinner table, and then with a fart poker face ask someone to pass the butter, there`s fart-filtering drawers just for you.

Just remember: It`s fart-filtering, not feces-filtering underwear. Fart with caution, you don`t want to fart so hard that you crap all over yourself.

Fart away for the holidays my friend, fart away!

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