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Published:November 27th, 2013 15:55 EST

Lady Gaga's 'ArtPop' (ArtPoop?) Flops! Video!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Lady Gaga`s ARTPOP dropped 81% in sales for its second week and fell to number 7 from first place. The album sold 50,154 copies, down from first week of almost 260K. ARTPOP will be written about one day as a huge marketing failure, unique in every way. After a long, much ballyhooed build up the finished product simply fizzled."



Lady Gaga is an abomination to the world of art, pop, and business. The pop tart could care less about producing good music; she cares only about selling product.

Lady Gaga will stoop to the gutter to prop up her product. In 2010 Lady Gaga colluded with Amazon to sell her " Born this Way" album for just 99 cents. Artists and music lovers were outraged when this devious trickery landed her album in first place in the music charts. As a result a rule went into effect that only albums selling for $3.49 or more could be counting in the weekly charts by SoundScan.

The Queen of Artifice is once again getting a little bit of help from Amazon. The Internet retailer is selling the MP3 download of " ArtPop"  for just $5.99, that`s about three to five dollars lower than most other hit albums.

Neither Amazon nor her army of millions of monsters can bail out Lady Gaga, her hubris and machinations aren`t enough to make her flop album a blockbuster.

Lady Gaga and her music label squandered millions promoted her crap album. Lady Gaga needs to take a long vacation, and listen to Adele`s albums non-stop, and maybe she will get a clue.

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