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Published:December 3rd, 2013 08:37 EST
The History Channel`s '9/11 Conspiracies: Fact Or Fiction' Gives You Both Sides!

The History Channel`s '9/11 Conspiracies: Fact Or Fiction' Gives You Both Sides!

By John G. Kays

The History Channel`s The 911 Conspiracies: Fact Or Fiction?, recently rotated again (and which I thought to record this time), is a good overview to the still, ever lingering doubts and debates that surround what really happened on September 11th, 2001. Actually, it`s 4 different stories, all connected of course; the Twin Tower collapses, the retarded Building 7 collapse, the Pentagon Incident, and the United Airlines Flight 93 crash (or was it shot down?). Each of these occurrences can be broken down (meticulously) and interpreted differently, thus we now have well organized Conspiracy Theorists, such as the 911 Truthers, headed up by Alex Jones.

It`s amazing how one can easily interpret information differently, giving it a new skin. I do recall, when glued to my TV that day, hearing reports that there were explosions in the World Trade Center Towers, just as we had heard that shots were coming from the Grassy Knoll. Not that in either of these two most famous cases, were original television reports giving us a snapshot of what actually transpired, yet this is what eyewitnesses saw with there own eyes. Okay, so I can see with my own eyes the white pops (that look like detonations) as lower floors succumb to the accordion effect of gravity-strapped crushing debris (as the first Tower goes tumbling down).

So, right from the get-go the argument is strong, there were bombs going off in the Twin Towers that facilitated, expedited its rapid, unimpeded collapse. This has never been seen before, which is further fodder, giving strength to this not so fanciful theory about how this really went down, our own Government blew up the buildings, conspiring to take us to a War in Iraq (by this point, the dots are getting good and connected). It wouldn`t be so compelling, I suppose, if there hadn`t been a good deal of suspicion of pre-planned explosions on multiple floors, on that very day! And the media had such chatter itself, which makes it difficult to squelch, even if we were getting it all wrong (or were we?)

Well, the History Channel special lays out a lot of this for you, giving you both the reasons for conspiracy, as well as (providing you with) some scholars or journalists who have fairly successfully countermanded some of these compelling arguments. What a deja vu I get when seeing footage of the 911 Commission releasing its report in 2004, supposedly answering all the persistent doubts or rumors festering, about how this sequence of events turns into a picture of history (although, not a clear one). Does The Warren Report ring a bell? Everything clears up, right? NADA! Anyone like to read great fiction, War and Peace or Gone With The Wind? Here`s 2 voluminous collections of fiction for you!

I better not leave out the stars of 911 Conspiracies: naturally, they are the producers of the homemade film, Loose Change; mainly, it`s Dylan Avery. You`ve seen Loose Change, I`ve seen Loose Change, in fact, everybody`s seen it. The Second Edition, which was released on Google on 12/18/2005, experienced 6 million downloads! Wow! I don`t know whether this is accurate, but it was mentioned in the special that 100 million people have seen Loose Change! That`s respectable marketing and exposure; my sister had sent me the link back then, and was impressed with what Dylan Avery did with it.

Okay, so these numbers might could give Abraham Zapruder some competition. There nemesis, is probably a Popular Mechanic article, which breaks down and tears apart the conspiracy theories block for block. This is troubling, but I`m just now printing out and starting to read the Popular Mechanic article. Loose Change has had the stage and our attention for almost a decade now; it will take some time before we can smother all we came to believe. Things like how could such a large jet make such a small hole in the Pentagon? Or what about the suspiciousness of the Neo-Conservative think tank, the Project for The New American Century?